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''What if music became a bridge to the soul?''

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| Welcome To The One-on-One Mentoring Experience |

As you step into the realm of SoulSync, you're not just joining a mentorship – you're embracing a movement of musical awakening. Our mission is to empower you with the tools, insights, and soulful guidance needed to curate DJ sets and spaces that touch the hearts, minds, and spirits of those who partake.

Let the beats you weave resonate far beyond the dancefloor, leaving an indelible mark on your journey and the journeys you facilitate. Get ready to unlock the transformative potential of music and connect with your audience on a level that goes beyond the ordinary.

SoulSync - Level 1

Step into a transformative realm where the rhythm of your music aligns with the beating hearts of your audience.

DJ & Technical Skills

Mastering the art of conscious DJing. You'll delve into track selection, seamless transitions, and technical wizardry, honing the ability to craft soundscapes that transport listeners to new dimensions.

Facilitation & Embodiment

Guiding you through the art of facilitation. Embrace the role of a soulful guide, weaving an experience that engages hearts, ignites movement, and invites participants to dance into their own essence.

Energy, Mindfulness & Co

Empowering you to infuse your sets with intention and energy. Dive into mindfulness practices that deepen your connection to the music and your audience, creating immersive and intentional journeys that resonates deep within.

Four Weeks.

Immersive Guidance.

Empowered Expression.

Are you ready to embark on this unique journey?
Dramatischer DJ

| What Is Included? |

Discover the array of elements included in this immersive mentorship:

  • 8 One-on-One Zoom Sessions with Leah Luna (2 per week, 60min each)

  • Comprehensive Guidebook: Seamlessly Craft Sets, Mindfulness Practices, and More

  • Unlimited Personal Support via Telegram

  • Heartfelt Welcoming Package

  • Unlimited Access to Video Material and Recorded Sessions for 365 Days

  • Curated Personal Playlist for Your 4-Week Adventure

  • Guiding Opening and Closing Calls (30min each)

  • Inspiring Song Starter-Package with 14 Carefully Selected Tracks


| Who Is This Journey For? |

If you have found your way to this page and feel a resonance-

This is for you.

Whether you've never touched a turntable or have yet to share your melodies with the world, everyone is welcomed with open arms.

No matter if you're an aspiring DJ, a seasoned music lover, or a facilitator seeking to infuse soulful resonance into your sessions.

This 1:1 mentorship will be tailored to your unique journey.

| Our Milestones For SoulSync |

As we nurture your transformative abilities, the importance of acquiring technical skills and understanding in conscious DJing becomes evident. You'll emerge with the expertise to curate soundscapes that awaken souls and etch lasting memories.


Harmonious Connection:

Develop an intuitive bond with your music, curating sets that weave melodies into resonance.


Playlist Alchemy:

Create playlists that reflect intention, emotion, and soulful connection, unleashing the magic of sonic storytelling


Seamless Expressions:

Craft transitions that guide listeners through a seamless sonic voyage, mastering the art of flow


Empowerment Immersion:

Gain confidence in curating immersive sessions that uplift and inspire, blending your uniqueness


Heartfelt Facilitation:

Master mindful facilitation, leading experiences that resonate deeply within hearts


Sonic Mindfulness:

Unlock the potential of sound's resonance and depth, infusing your sets with mindful energy

| Ready to reserve your spot for SoulSync? |

Explore our last two transformative journeys for 2023-

One starting in October, One starting in November. 

Reserve your spot for SoulSync Level 1 today.

| Guided by Leah Luna |

An inspiring Mentor, gifted Musician, soulful Ceremonialist, and captivating Dancer.

With a heart deeply committed to walking alongside you on your journey of growth and exploration, Leah warmly welcomes you.


Click below to discover more about how she can empower your journey.

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