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What if this moment
marks the beginning

of your new path?

 Explore new possibilities with mentoring offers that go BEYOND.

I am looking for...

... personalised one-off mentoring sessions to embark on a journey of growth, gain clarity and unlock potential.

...pathways for continuous support to develop my DJing skills, foster personal growth and


...deep personal development and community connection through

monthly calls, masterclasses and more.

''There is always room for Growth.'' (Leah Luna)

Whether you want to learn the art of DJing, dive deeper into personal growth, or explore the realms of somatics and conscious music curation, there's a transformative journey waiting for you through personalized one-on-one mentoring and carefully curated group experiences.

Ready to become a member?

Gain unlimited access to meditations, live in-person calls and beyond...

This membership is an investment in yourself.

As we expand our content monthly, your journey with us will continuously evolve.

Secure your spot today and be part of this transformative experience.

Exclusive Membership

Become part of the Luminary

9,99 €


Every month

Become part of a collective dedicated to growth, empowerment, and connection. it a 'Hell YES'?

Valid until canceled
1 day free trial

Exclusive access to 'The Portal':

+ Live Online Meet-ups

+ Monthly Meditations

+ Curated Playlists & Song Recommendations

+ Masterclasses and more

...Discover the Support You Didn't Know You Needed.

*cancel any time

Here to learn Dj'ing and more? 

Discover SoulSync:

The Conscious DJ and Facilitator Mentorship.

1:1 private / personal journey, online via Zoom

*As this is a one-on-one experience spots are limited.

Reserve your spot today.

Ready to Ascend yourself?

For those committed to unlimited expansion & growth

The 3 Month Path To Elevate You.

1:1 personalised mentorship journey, online via Zoom

*This is a one-on-one experience, ONE Spot Available it yours?

Exclusive Membership

Ascend - The Path to Personal Growth

1.888 €


A 3-month 1:1 journey for those ready for profound transformation & personal evolution.

Valid for 3 months

Weekly One-on-One Calls & Check Ins

Unlimited Access to 'The Luminary' Portal

Comprehensive Personal Growth Toolkit

Strategies for Personal Branding & Online Presence

Unlimited Personal Support

What else is there to discover?

From FREE Discovery Calls to
Reads about Ceremonies & Blue Lotus-
You can find it all, right here.

Take me to the reads about

Blue Lotus!

I would like to

get in touch...

| Discover: Leah's Guiding Principles |

| This is Leah Luna |

Embark on a transformative journey guided by Leah Luna –


your mentor, DJ, producer, and creator, who has journeyed through the realms of music, somatics, and embodiment.


With a profound commitment to supporting your growth and exploration, Leah warmly invites you to explore more by clicking below...

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