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''The seed of transformation is sown within us;
our journey is the unfolding.''
(Leah Luna)

Embarking on this journey of exploration and creation, I stand here ready to accompany, inspire, and empower YOU.

My background in psychology and social work paved the initial steps of my path. However, it was my global travels that truly ignited a deep dive into the innermost parts of myself. Through these explorations, I unearthed the transformative powers of music, somatics, and embodied practices.

This journey led me to step into teaching, where I've had the privilege of guiding numerous students on their personal growth and DJing journeys. Each interaction is a profound exploration, grounded in genuine connections and authenticity.

As my journey continues to unfold, my offerings evolve in tandem. They are a reflection of my ongoing quest for self-awareness and consciousness, inviting you to join me on this transformative path.

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Belly dancer on Sand
“Leah's guidance helped me unlock my creative potential and find my unique voice. I'm deeply grateful for her wisdom and support.
The mentoring journey has been a truly empowering experience!”

Ana B. | CZ


| Personal 1:1 Mentoring &
DJ Courses |

Whether you're seeking to elevate your DJ skills, connect more deeply with your authentic self, or embark on a collective journey within a group container, I'm here to guide you.


Are you ready to explore the depths of your creativity, uncover your inner strength, and step into your power? 

Together, we'll peel back the layers, revealing the vibrant, multifaceted essence that defines you.


As a catalyst for your journey, I'm here to spark your potential, guide you through self-discovery, and join you as you embrace your true self.

| Musical Journeys &
DJ Sets |

Music is my heartbeat, expressing the unspoken and letting energy flow through melodies and rhythms. As a DJ, I share that resonance with the world, guiding others on transformative sonic journeys.

Every set is a bespoke experience, a seamless blend of rhythms and sounds that intuitively connect with your core.


Whether you're seeking an embodied, intuitive DJ who merges the worlds of mindfulness with deep beats or a curator who can weave a tapestry of sound, I'm here to craft a musical experience that resonates with you.


| Ceremonies &
Blue Lotus Offerings |

Would you like to know more about the Blue Lotus? There is so much we can discover, from ceremonies over to the tranquil depths of the Blue Lotus, inviting you to explore ancient wisdom and contemporary mindfulness in harmony.

The Blue Lotus holds a special place in these ceremonies, symbolizing peace and enlightenment. It is not only a centerpiece in my ceremonial practices but also available for purchase online, allowing you to bring its tranquil essence into your own rituals and spaces. Explore the 'Book of Lotus' for an in-depth look at this sacred plant.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of discovery and transformation?

''Inspiring others on their path
is an honor that fills my heart.''

(Leah Luna)

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