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~ Let me
introduce myself:
I am Leah.

Journeying through exploration and creation. I am here to guide, inspire and empower YOU.


As a Mentor, Musician, Ceremonialist, and Dancer, I draw from a tapestry of experiences.

From DJing to embodiment practices, from personal growth to somatic approaches, I'm committed to illuminating pathways of self-discovery and transformation. My offerings are born throughout a journey of shared growth, rooted in authenticity and deep connections.

While travelling across the globe in recent years, I found myself connecting with souls from all corners of the world. Amidst these encounters, I took a deep dive into personal exploration, delving into the depths of self-awareness and consciousness


Through this, I found a profound connection with myself, peeling back layers I hadn't explored before.

''Inspiring others on their path
is an honor that fills my heart.''

~Leah Luna


| Personal Mentoring &
DJ Courses |

I stand here as a catalyst for your journey, ready to spark your potential, guide you through self-discovery, and join you as you embrace your true self. Together, we'll peel back the layers, uncovering the vibrant, multifaceted essence that defines you.


Whether you're looking to elevate your DJ skills, connect with your authentic self through, or embark on a collective journey within a group container, I'm here to guide you.

Are you ready to discover...?

| Intuitive Musical Journeys &
DJ Sets |

Music is my heartbeat, it's my way of expressing the unspoken, letting energy flow through melodies and rhythms. As a musician, I find solace in frequencies that resonate deep within me, and as a DJ, I share that resonance with the world, guiding others on transformative sonic journeys.

Every set is a bespoke experience, a seamless blend of rhythms and sounds that intuitively connect with your core.

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| Ceremonies &
Blue Lotus Offerings |

Ceremonies are part of my soul's expression, a way to harmonise ancient wisdom with contemporary mindfulness. With deep reverence for the power of ritual, I guide you through experiences that invite connection and transformation.

Within this realm, I offer the presence of Blue Lotus in multiple facets – as a centerpiece of ceremonies at events, a source of tranquil reflection, and even available for purchase online.

Curious to check it out?


| Embodied Dance |

After being a dancer for many years and journeying through different embodiment practices, life has taken me deep into embodied dance, an art that transcends movement and opens a channel for the soul's expression.

From mesmerizing stage performances at festivals to intimate private events and guided journeys of embodiment, my exploration of embodied dance encompasses a spectrum of experiences that channel inspiration, empowerment, and soulful expression. 


These performances are more than just a dance – they are moments of pure connection, a fusion of energy and intention.

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| Jump To My Offerings |

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Available Soon |Ceremonies &
Blue Lotus Offerings |


| Contact & Booking Requests |

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