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* Applications close April 2024

Let us EVOKE.

Evoke is your exclusive invitation to a transformative fusion of conscious music curation and embodied experiences.

Join our online Group Journey from May 12th to May 22nd, 2024, and immerse yourself in a profound exploration that transcends the ordinary, unlocking new dimensions of self-discovery through the fusion of sound and movement

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Would you
like to...

...deepen your connection with music?

...elevate your expression in an 11-day journey?

...join an intimate group for amplified growth?

This is EVOKE.

The Official Group Deep Immersion into Conscious Music Curation

and Embodiment through Experience...

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Embodied Exploration

Immerse yourself in a journey of self-discovery through embodied experiences. Evoke invites you to explore the profound connection between conscious music and the body, unlocking the transformative power of movement, mindfulness, and self-awareness.

a person being immersed in creating a pl

Conscious Music Curation

Delve into the art of intentional soundscapes as we curate a sonic journey designed to elevate consciousness. Evoke empowers you to connect with music on a deeper level, fostering a mindful engagement that transcends the ordinary and sparks inspiration.

A group dancing together in a circle in

Community Connection

Join a limited group of like-minded individuals for a shared adventure into the realms of music and movement. Evoke fosters a supportive community, creating a space where collective energy amplifies personal growth and exploration.

Eleven Days.

12 Human Beings.

Depth and Inspiration.

| This is what's included... |

  • ​An 11 Day- Group Experience 

  • 5 Exclusive Group Calls (60min each)

  • Deep Knowledge about the Conscious use of Music (Music Theory, Body Resonance, Frequency...)

  • Guided Embodied Exploration with Online & Pre-recorded Sessions

  • Empowered Expression Tools & Practices incl. Somatic Bodywork

  • Immersive Playlists and Sets to Elevate Your Experience

  • Tools & Practices for your own powerful Playlist Curation

  • Online Space for Community Connection & Integration that goes beyond the Duration of our Journey

  • Comprehensive EVOKE Toolkit for Embodied Self-Discovery

  • Expert Insights into the Healing Power of Music

  • Lifetime Access to EVOKE Resources for Continuous Growth

  • ...and more

Your Investment

Early Bird (until 03/03) 99€

Regular (until 04/04) 111€

*Includes all materials, calls, tools & online access for 365 days

| This is what happens once you sign up... |

| This is Leah Luna |

Embark on a transformative journey guided by Leah Luna –


your mentor, DJ, producer, and creator, who has journeyed through the realms of music, somatics, and embodiment.


With a profound commitment to supporting your growth and exploration, Leah warmly invites you to explore more by clicking below...

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