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DJ Leah Luna


DJ | Producer | Conscious Dance Facilitator

''Soulful. Dynamic. Boundless.
From Intuitive Build-ups to Big Bass Drops. Experience Sets that will
blow your mind.''

Berlin-based DJ Leah Luna, renowned for creating transformative and immersive musical experiences, from Germany over Bali to New Zealand.

With a unique blend of genres, she effortlessly guides audiences through worldly journeys, connecting deeply with each soul on the dance floor. Her sets are a testament to her passion and purpose, creating unforgettable moments of liberation and connection.


''...where music transcends genre and becomes an experience. Dive into a fusion of sounds that defies expectations and touches the soul.''

Previous Worldwide Gigs


Genre Bending Fusions. Leah Luna draws inspiration from a vibrant tapestry of genres, embracing Tribal, Oriental, Afro House, Bass House, Tech House, Electronica- in other words: 

An immersive musical fusion called 'World Music'.

With pulsating beats that resonate deep within, Leah Luna transports listeners to the realms of uninhibited expression, pure presence and soulful healing.

Have a listen on Soundcloud and bask in the uplifting power of music yourself...

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Gear & Technical Setup

Own Gear

  • Roland 707-M (4-Channel DJ Controller w/ XLR)

  • Microphones & Co

Club Gear

  • Pioneer CDJ-3000 or CDJ-2000 or any Standalone

  • Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 Mixer or similar

Instruments (Optional)

  • Guitar (Plug-In)

  • Drum

  • Pads

What Do people Say & Feel?


"DJ Leah Luna's soundscapes are a true reflection of her passion and inspire me deeply. Her captivating mixes always invite me to move with freedom and express my true self on the dance floor."

Mark K. | Auckland, NZ


| Contact & Booking Requests |

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Thank You! We will get back to you soon x

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