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DJ Leah Luna


Multifaceted Artist | DJ | Conscious Dance Facilitator

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''A DJ that transcends boundaries, ignites souls, and guides you on 
transformative musical odysseys.''

Pablo P. at Healing Festival

Berlin-based DJ Leah Luna is a dynamic and versatile artist who effortlessly embodies various creative roles, elevating the energy of dance floors around the world. 

With a wealth of international experience, Leah Luna brings deep passion and purpose to her craft, curating sets that create unforgettable moments of connection and liberation.

| A Glimpse Into Performances |


| Genre-bending Fusions |

Leah Luna draws inspiration from a vibrant tapestry of genres, embracing Tribal, Oriental, Afro House, Bass House, Tech House, Electronica- in other words: 

An immersive musical fusion called 'World Music'.

With pulsating beats that resonate deep within, Leah Luna transports listeners to the realms of uninhibited expression, pure presence and soulful healing.

Have a listen on Soundcloud and bask in the uplifting power of music yourself...


"DJ Leah Luna's soundscapes are a true reflection of her passion and inspire me deeply. Her captivating mixes always invite me to move with freedom and express my true self on the dance floor."

Mark K. | Auckland, NZ


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