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Experience the raw, unfiltered essence of feminine wisdom in Leah Luna's debut vocal remix, a heartfelt collaboration with artist Luis Paniagua.


This track, born from a moment of profound personal reflection, captures the essence of feminine wisdom and the power of creative expression. Originally inspired by a moment of solitude and connection, Leah's spontaneous spoken word adds a soul-stirring layer to Luis Paniagua's instrumental, creating a hauntingly beautiful composition.


Having made its debut at Earthbeat Festival in New Zealand, this track touched the hearts of many, resonating deeply with its listeners and sparking an emotional connection that truly moved and inspired.


Now, this soul-stirring creation is available for you to experience. Download your high-quality copy today and delve into a world where music transcends boundaries and touches the soul.


File Format: AIFF

BPM: 90

Key: 6A

Digital File: Leah Luna – I am Mother | Carmela-Hermes – Luis Paniagua

2,22 € Regular Price
1,00 €Sale Price
  • Song Download, File Format: AIFF, BPM: 90, Key: 6A

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