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DJ Leah Luna


Multifaceted Artist | DJ | Conscious Dance Facilitator

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''A DJ that transcends boundaries, ignites souls, and guides you on 
transformative musical odysseys.''

Pablo P. at Healing Festival

Berlin-based DJ Leah Luna is a dynamic and versatile artist who effortlessly embodies various creative roles, elevating the energy of dance floors around the world. 

With a wealth of international experience, Leah Luna brings deep passion and purpose to her craft, curating sets that create unforgettable moments of connection and liberation.

| Genre-bending Fusions |

Leah Luna draws inspiration from a vibrant tapestry of genres, embracing Tribal, Oriental, Afro House, Bass House, Tech House, Electronica- in other words: 

An immersive musical fusion called 'World Music'.

With pulsating beats that resonate deep within, Leah Luna transports listeners to the realms of uninhibited expression, pure presence and soulful healing.

Have a listen on Soundcloud and bask in the uplifting power of music yourself...

| A Glimpse Into Performances |


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| Official DJ Biography |

Leah Luna | A versatile artist based in Berlin, embodying the roles of DJ, Conscious Dance Facilitator, Musician, and Mentor. With international experience spanning Europe, New Zealand, and Australia, she infuses relentless passion and purpose into her sets, pushing boundaries.

Drawing inspiration from an eclectic blend of genres – from Tribal and Oriental to Afro House, Bass House, Trance, Techno, Electronica, and World Music – Leah Luna creates immersive musical odysseys. Each rhythmic pulse transports you into realms of uninhibited expression, present moment awareness, and healing, revealing the profound impact of music.

Explore the realms of sound and movement with Leah Luna, where every beat tells a story and each rhythm resonates with your soul. Connect with her vibrant musical world and join the rhythm of life.


"DJ Leah Luna's soundscapes are a true reflection of her passion and inspire me deeply. Her captivating mixes always invite me to move with freedom and express my true self on the dance floor."

Mark K. | Auckland, NZ


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(+49) 17681702815

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