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EVOKE. Group Journey - 12th till 22nd May 2024

May 12, 2024 - May 22, 2024

  • 11Days
  • 6Steps


EVOKE. Where the Rhythm of Conscious Music meets the Dance of Embodiment. May 12-22, 2024 | Languages: English (Online Portal in English) Embark on a profound journey of transformation. Delve into a thoughtfully curated exploration of conscious music curation and embodied experiences. Gain empowerment through tools, insights, and wisdom, fostering a deeper connection to music, self, and community. Milestones for your EVOKE journey: - 11 Days of Immersive Exploration: Guided sessions blending movement, mindfulness, and self-discovery. - Conscious Music Mastery: Learn intentional soundscapes, fostering transformative music connection. - Empowered Expression: Develop tools for authentic self-expression through music curation. - Exclusive Community Connection: Join an intimate group, fostering connections and personal growth. What's Included: - Exclusive Group Calls (60min each): In-depth discussions on conscious music use, music theory, body resonance, and frequency. - Guided Embodied Exploration: Immerse yourself in online and pre-recorded sessions for a transformative journey. - Empowered Expression Tools & Practices: Includes somatic bodywork, immersive playlists, and sets to elevate your experience. - Online Community Connection & Integration: Access an exclusive online space fostering community connection beyond our journey. - Comprehensive EVOKE Toolkit: Unveil tools and practices for embodied self-discovery, expert insights into the healing power of music. -Lifetime Access: Continue your journey beyond the program with ongoing resources and community. 12 Spots. 5 Calls. 11 Days of Transformation. Ready for this unique journey?

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  • Call No. 1 [Opening Ceremony & Guidance]
  • Call No. 2 [Sonic Alchemy & Frequencies]
  • Call No. 3 [Embodied Rhythms & Movement]
  • Call No. 4 [Expressive Curation & Personal Insights]
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