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SoulSync 1:1 - Level 1 [August till September 2024]

Aug 28, 2024 - Sep 25, 2024

  • 29Days
  • 7Steps


[SoulSync Level 1 - STARTING on August 28th Languages: English or German (Online Portal in English) Embark on a journey of musical awakening with SoulSync. This isn't just a one-on-one mentorship – it's a movement. Our mission is to empower you with tools, insights, and soulful guidance to curate DJ sets and spaces that touch hearts, minds, and spirits. Milestones for your SoulSync journey: - Cultivating an intuitive bond with your music, weaving melodies into resonance - Crafting seamless transitions for a fluid sonic voyage - Mastering mindful facilitation for deep heart-to-heart connections - Creating playlists that radiate intention and emotional connection - Gaining confidence in curating immersive sessions that uplift and inspire - Unlocking the potential of sound's resonance and depth, infusing mindfulness - Acquiring comprehensive technical DJ skills merged with mindfulness What's Included: ~8 One-on-One Zoom Sessions with Leah Luna (60min each) ~Comprehensive Guidebook: Crafting Sets, Mindfulness Practices, and More ~Unlimited Personal Support via Telegram ~Heartfelt Welcoming Package ~Unlimited Access to Video Material and Recorded Sessions for 365 Days ~Curated SoulSync Playlist for Your 4-Week Adventure ~Guiding Opening and Closing Calls ~Inspiring Song Starter-Package with 14 Tracks Four Weeks. Immersive Guidance. Empowered Expression. Are you ready to embark on this unique journey?

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  • Week 1: Welcoming, Guidance & First Steps [VIDEO]
  • May I introduce myself? [VIDEO]
  • What do you need to embark on this journey? [VIDEO]
  • Week 2: DJ & Technical Skills
  • Visual Comparison: Top 5 DJ Softwares [VIDEO]
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